Irina Muromtseva outraged by claims ex-husband

Ирина Муромцева возмущена претензиями бывшего мужа The presenter does not understand his discontent. Irina Muromtseva admitted that ex-husband is surprised by the behavior of their total daughter Lyubasha. The star of the First channel reminds the man that he took no active part in the upbringing of the child.

Presenter of the First channel Irina Muromtseva has two daughters – 15-year-old daughter and four-year-old Sasha. The journalist understands that in relation to children it is impossible to adhere to strict rules of communication, to anticipate the behavior and reaction to any event. But Irina believes that the heirs always try parents the strength, but because they never become companions.

When Muromtsevo running out of patience, she makes daughters spent time with their fathers. The eldest daughter of the TV presenter appeared in the marriage of a businessman and the youngest of the current husband, music producer Maxim Volkov. Irina admitted that her first husband is sometimes dissatisfied with the manifestation of the nature of their heiress.

“And when it makes claims about Lubaszenko behavior, I asked him: “where are the traces of your education?!” – said the star of the First channel.

Also Muromtseva trying to get to his current wife that he needed to communicate with her little daughter. “If max says to me: “Sasha is petite, she’s not interested”, I say, “Let’s call a spade a spade. Not you she’s not interested. And she’s not interesting”, – said Irina.

Famous TV presenter revealed another family secret. When Muromtseva married Maxim Volkov, she knew that she wants to have another child. It turned out that this idea of Lyubasha was not happy. At that time the girl was 12 years old.

“She told me, “I’ll stay with a babysitter. You start life with a clean slate! Live with Maxim separately.” I told her: “You take the ax and chop my arm and watch. The degree of cruelty about the same”. Children grow up with their selfishness. Sasha with Lyubasha relationships attraction-repulsion. She can say “she is not my mother tongue,” and then thinks about it, worries, gifts cooks on its own initiative”, – shared memories of Irina with the publication of “Leider”.