Gosha Kutsenko congratulations on the birth of your daughter

Гошу Куценко поздравляют с рождением дочери The famous actor became a father for the third time. Fiancee Gosha Kutsenko gave him a charming girl. Fans of Gosha Kutsenko write warm wishes movie star and his family. Among those who turned to the famous artist, was Yulia Menshova and Rita Mitrofanova.
Гошу Куценко поздравляют с рождением дочери

50-year-old Gosha Kutsenko wrote to a mysterious post on her microblog, which triggered heated debate on the Network. “Old age? Not! Joy! This day is forever with me now!” – shared the actor.

The word Kutsenko his fans took it as a hint to the addition to the family. Fans of the movie and theatre stars congratulate him on the birth of your daughter. They believe that the wife of the artist Irina Skrinichenko gave him a charming girl. “Let it grow strong”, “Happiness to you” – write in the comments of the post celebrities.

Among those who congratulated the happy children’s father, was also a TV presenter Julia Menshova. “Happy birthday to another little angel of your soul!” – the woman wrote to a colleague in show business. In addition, their wish, the actor left Rita Mitrofanova. Yesterday, she posted a touching post dedicated to Kutsenko.

“Gosh! Today became a father to Betsy.” – shared leading microblog.

Later, the actor confirmed the birth of his daughter to reporters. As it turned out, the man named the baby in honor of my mother Svetlana. It is known that the artist is very kind to parents tragically died from cancer in 2012. The star of cinema and theatre dedicated to loved ones painting “the Doctor” in which he showed how to carry out brain surgery.

Gosha Kutsenko openly talking about cancer parents

Gosha Kutsenko also have two daughters – 20-year-old Polina and pretty Zhenya, which at the end of June it will be three years. Despite her young age, the successor Kutsenko already tries herself as an actress – not so long ago she received her first role in the video father. Charming Jack played an astronaut, to the delight of many fans of Gosha.

We will remind that about the interesting position of the wife of the famous artist became known only when she was already on an impressive pregnancy. Surrounded by Gosha Kutsenko said that the future baby will be his long-awaited child. The man wanted to be father.

We also add that on may 20 Gosha Kutsenko celebrated its anniversary. The famous actor turned 50 years old. On this occasion, the artist staged a recital at the theater of the Russian army. To congratulate the man came many celebrities, including Christina Aguilera, Polina Gagarina, Marat Basharov, Ekaterina Strizhenova, Aleksandr Revva and Lyubov Tolkalina. The event was held in the form of a theatrical performance. Among those who that night came on stage, turned out to be Christina Aguilera. “Gosh, not just an artist, he’s my real friend. This friendship is tested by years of events,” said the artist.