Olga Buzova gnawing sense of envy

Ольгу Бузову гложет чувство зависти The celebrity admitted that sometimes would like to be like other girls who can eat sweets and not get better. The artist has a lot to do at the gym to stay slim and toned.

Many fans of Olga Buzova think she looks beautiful, as in the open outfits she is always perfectly flat belly and long legs. As recognized by the artist, it’s hard to keep up such form, because she loves to enjoy a variety of culinary delights. The star admits that she wanted to be in the place of those women that can look slim, while still allowing myself indulgences.

“Honestly, I envy those girls who with a clear conscience knead spaghetti, pizza and remain thin. I also have to limit yourself in food. All I got now is years of training,” explained Olga.

According to the presenter, from an early age she tries to exercise regularly, as this exercise bring her pleasure. As told Buzova, some time the doctors forbade her to exhaust the body’s physical training, so when she once again returned to the regular classroom, it was very difficult.

“When for the first time after the break, came to his instructor, then asked him not to give me a heavy load. But in the end, at training I got a taste and, conversely, wanted more! I found it very easy, excellent body reacted, muscles remembered everything, and the press, by the way, anywhere did not disappear — I’m carrying him since I was 13. But the next day I couldn’t get up. It hurt even to breathe! Still, for the time that I played, I lost a lot of weight on the stress, lost muscle, and the body, in principle, unaccustomed to fitness. Now I need to return muscle mass,” shared Olga.

Artist a lot of rehearsing before filming, so extra calories are burned quickly and in dance classes. In November, the celebrity will be a big solo concert, during which about an hour she would have to move.

“My rehearsal compensate me training in the gym. Three hours of dancing easily replace conventional cardio. Sports, as well as self-care, and proper nutrition is not a one-time event, unfortunately. In order to look good in 50 years, you need to do your whole life, to accustom themselves to the sport as early as possible”, – told Buzova WMJ.