Mother of Vladimir Presnyakov thinking about the will

Мама Владимира Преснякова задумалась  о завещании

Legendary star of the band “Gems” Elena Presnyakov soon will celebrate its 70th anniversary. For this reason the singer probably organize a feast to which are invited the closest family members and friends. It would seem that poor health Presnyakov does not complain, but journalists Elena Petrovna acknowledges that increasingly thinks about the will.

“I remember, on my 30th birthday Vova said, “Mom, how are you?” I replied: “Yes, okay. That would be 50, then we’ll see.” Now almost 70. Of course it feels quite different. Then, anniversary treated easily, in a stock for years, and now I often think about the will. But with humor,” – shared the soloist of “Samotsvety”.

According to Presnyakov, with her husband, they from time to time make jokes about what will happen after the end of their days. For example, Helena Petrovna afraid that when she’s gone, her family will be a nasty mess, which is in the house, “said Recently Petrovich (husband, Vladimir Presnyakov – senior): “It would be in the apartment to clean up. And then we are gone, Vova and Natasha will come and freak out from the mess. Round plates scattered”. And the husband answered: “what’s the difference?”

I hope the participants of the “Gems” will still delight your loved ones with longevity and health.