Spouse Hugh Jackman tried to dissuade him from the role of Wolverine

Супруга Хью Джекмана отговаривала его от роли Росомахи

In the beginning of the relationship with Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra Lee Furness, Australian actress’s name was already known, but handsome Hugh had just started his path in the film industry.

Of course, a great love and drawing on the experience of Debarry, Jackman often consulted with her about a particular role. Was no exception and the role of Logan a.k.a.of the mutant Wolverine.

As it turned out, Furness was strongly opposed to Hugh starred “X-Men”, because she thought, this role will bring the collapse of his budding career. But as we can see, women’s intuition failed the woman and she had almost persuaded her beloved to make a major mistake in life. Who knows, maybe if Hugh went on about his beloved, now we would not know him as a talented actor and one of the most charismatic stars of Hollywood.

The role of Wolverine, Hugh was invited to play in 2000. Since then this image has become the hallmark of the actor. By the way, mutant Jackman reincarnated in eight different projects, being able to put together in this huge state.