Stephen king left the social network because of the result of the election

Стивен Кинг покинул соцсети из-за результата выборов

Stephen king already, along with a few world authors can be called a classic of our time. Creations of this writer loved by millions, and look forward to hearing from him something new, no less spectacular and interesting.

The works of king in the majority ledent blood and interfere with sleep at night. But as it turned out, the author, who himself often writes about the fear and terror, as some had feared.

I was afraid of the king’s presidency, Donald trump.

The choice of its own citizens shocked the writer to the core. Stephen was amazed so much that even decided to leave the social networking. However, the nature of his actions, king explained.

A few hours ago on Twitter Stephen king left the last message, which stated the following: “More than any book recommendations, policies, and cheerful images of dogs in the near future. Off”.

It is worth saying that king is not the only celebrity reacted negatively to the result of the presidential election. Protested many representatives of the entertainment industry, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Nikki reed, Chloe Kardashian and many others.