Мама Рустама Солнцева шокировала результатом «уколов красоты» Fans surprised by the changes that have occurred with Valentina Kalganova. Rustam Solntsev cousin gave a procedure of rejuvenation. 56-year-old woman has adjusted the shape of the face using special injections.
Мама Рустама Солнцева шокировала результатом «уколов красоты»

Some time ago Rustam Solntsev presented a 56-year-old mother, Valentina Kalganova the surgery, the tip of the nose, and now he decided to help his cousin to rejuvenate the face. Usually at this age, many go straight under the surgeon’s knife, but now technology helps them to achieve the firmness of the skin non-invasively.

Rustam Solntsev has invested in plastic surgery for moms

“I have promised my mom to rejuvenate her,’ says the showman, “StarHit”. – Took a vacation to Barbados. There we were trying to guess, consult a plastic surgeon or do cosmetic procedures. And decided that I would go under the knife – until a young mother and her face still does not need to have it cut something off. So we came to the conclusion that will make her contouring non-invasive method and went to Dr. Alexander Vdovin – a few of my friends turned to him for help, and the result really impressed me.”
Мама Рустама Солнцева шокировала результатом «уколов красоты»

According to Valentina, the procedure took just 20 minutes. “I don’t even have time to understand anything, – says the woman. – Lay on the couch, felt a few pricks, and he says to me like they can stand up. I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped – I watched my face fifteen years ago! The oval of the face became clearer, and his nose was slightly pinched, giving the face a more youthful appearance. Be sure to make yourself this procedure after four years and hope that its effect would be equally stunning.”

But not everyone was thrilled with the changes with Valentina. When Rustam was posted to microblog a photo of mom, some of his subscribers did not like her new appearance, and they even accused the woman of excessive interest in cosmetology.

Мама Рустама Солнцева шокировала результатом «уколов красоты»“Fortunately, the mother does not pay attention to similar criticism – said Rustam. – She is not 20 years why not take the opportunity to look better? After all, objectively after contouring, she began to look younger, what makes her spirits rose, glittered eyes… by the Way, tellingly, every one of nedobrozhilateley, considering their long to write under the photo of my mother “Ugh, what a nightmare!”, you do not have in their blogs are no pictures. I understand, because of their natural unattractiveness and envy… Women, I suggest you also go through such a procedure. You see, and pictures of their spread will not be ashamed. And men, by the way, my mom is only nice words I write – I think this is very significant”.