Дарья Канануха рассекретила детали свадьбы The winner of “the Bachelor” showed exclusive photos of the wedding dress, invitations and unusual wedding rings. The triumph of Darya Kaneohe will be held in Kazan next month. The girl admitted that he is waiting for the occasion.
Дарья Канануха рассекретила детали свадьбы

After Daria Kanawha took first place in the third season of the show “the Bachelor,” the fans expected a continuation of her beautiful story with Timur by Batrutdinova. But the pair is not formed, and each of the young people began to build personal life separate. Daria Kaneohe: “I did everything for the relationship and Batrutdinova”

After breaking up with showman great support beauty had a friend Michael, with whom she began a romantic relationship. And on July 22 will be the long-awaited celebration on the occasion of the wedding of the lovers. About preparing for the important day Kanawha shared exclusive details and photos with “StarHit”.

Дарья Канануха рассекретила детали свадьбыWith just a month left before the holiday, so we started to deliver the invitations. We will have 70 guests – mostly young people. Did not call those who just “have to call” – will come the closest. Presenting our unusual invitation together with Misha and everyone personally. Even talking specially prepared a beautiful speech. We have thought of everything.
Дарья Канануха рассекретила детали свадьбы

It is worth noting that the businesswoman was made a schedule distribution of invitations. Unusual glass products Daria came up with herself – she wanted to surprise and please loved ones. To make a souvenir blue color, the newlyweds had a whole month to search for artists throughout Russia.

“In the end, found specialists in Kazan. Did the same for a long time, but it was important to get the perfect result. We all will be connected with the water – even a restaurant. Therefore, the relevant invitation – I wanted to portray a real piece of the seabed! Each instance was prepared manually and three or four times passed through the fiery furnace. And initially it was colored glass, which was crushed in the dust. Wanted guests received the invitation long it is kept, considered – it glows beautifully in the sun”, – shares with “StarHit” the beauty.

Дарья Канануха рассекретила детали свадьбы

The bride will be two dresses: one for the Registrar’s office, the other at the celebration itself. To search for the perfect image, the girl spent four days in Moscow, visiting dozens of wedding salons. By the way, that’s where Dasha and left selected options to the groom has not seen the outfits ahead of time.

“I wanted to keep those emotions, experiences up to that moment as dad lead me down the path to the wedding arch. Want him for a moment heart skips a beat and then began pounding even faster is because the adrenaline and the memory of a lifetime! When he found out how long I was looking for a dress, said: “Dasha, what is difficult? They’re all white!” recalls Kanawha.
Дарья Канануха рассекретила детали свадьбы

Interestingly, for the advice of friends, the star of “the Bachelor,” even created an online chat, where they invited mothers, sisters, girlfriends, photographer and party planner. However, entangled in differing opinions, he withdrew from there in order to make an independent choice.

“To the Registrar, I will go in a light and romantic, but on the holiday I will be fancy dress: the skirt in the form of waves matched our theme, open back and embroidered top. Tried to please everyone, including yourself. The requirements were: not too lush, easy to dance to, not too blatant and without a corset. One cabin came three times already looked like this: “Well, make up your mind, make a choice!” In the end it worked out the way to detail: I bought the veil three meters and small clips for her,” recalls businesswoman.

Дарья Канануха рассекретила детали свадьбы

Daria admitted that he approached the event in a responsible and pre-read the special literature. It turned out that there is a belief according to which a long veil is necessary not only for beauty but also to protect the bride from the evil eye. In addition, a further accessory hang on lullaby baby so he defended him. But the young chose the ring together. Michael is a classical decoration in white gold, and Dasha – with nine diamonds. Wear it it will be in conjunction with an engagement that already has one is a gem.

Дарья Канануха рассекретила детали свадьбыThe party’s youth – ‘re gonna party till the morning. May even have dances in the pool – he will be there too. We were thinking of shooting the whole love story under water. Show do our friends, we are preparing creative gifts. Heard all split into groups that meet and rehearse performances. We are looking forward to our holiday and are sure that it will be enchanting!