Антон Гусев об отмене свадьбе с Викторией Романец: «У нее в голове все еще «Дом-2» The stars of the controversial show once again quarreled and decided to postpone the registration of marriage. Anton Gusev told why he wanted to break up with his lover. The man said that Victoria didn’t love him.

Wedding of Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet was scheduled for July 7, 2017.However, two weeks before the scheduled date, the information appeared that the official marriage registration is canceled. “StarHit” found out Anton Gusev, why he decided to abandon the celebrations and to break off relations. According to men, only fear was that Victoria is a PR.

“I learned about a program through which you can hack What’sapp. I downloaded and hacked her messenger. Read the correspondence of the Wiki with an admin. I found a lot of nasty words about myself, but most of all I hurt the one phrase. Vika wrote, saying, what love can be. To which the administrator replied that understands everything — PR is paramount. Her mind is still “House-2″. I realized that she still want to play, for marriage she’s not ready. I made the difficult decision to cancel this wedding. Vika already know. She must be happy,” the outspoken Gusev.

The news shocked fans of the star couple who anticipated the imminent appearance of the frames with a chic wedding. However, some fans of Anton and Victoria did not believe in the veracity of the information gap. “I don’t know how to get attention, suffer nonsense,” “She’s bluffing again, 100 % plays on his feelings, probably not enough attention from Anton,” commented on the post romanet subscribers in Instagram.

The correspondence that led to the cancellation of the wedding Gusev and romanet. PHOTO

However, there were those who wished her lover to hurry up. Fans noticed that Victoria and Anton unsubscribed from each other on Instagram. We will remind that earlier the stars of “House 2” has already undergone a crisis in relations. In March 2017 romanet accused a man of treason and announced the breakup. However, Gusev begged forgiveness on its second half, after which the couple began planning the wedding. Lovers actively preparing for the celebration, regularly publishing details of a Grand celebration. The woman is told that her dress will cost 700 thousand rubles, and for its production, she ordered the best fabrics and lace.

Earlier, Anton was married to the other participant of the project “Dom-2” Eugene Feofilaktova. They met on the show, in 2012, officially registered the relationship, but after four years decided to break up. Fans of the star couple were convinced that the breakup of their idols was directly associated with the new novel Gusev.

The relationship of Anton and Victoria romanet was developing rapidly, but apparently lovers not destined to go to the altar.