Mother of Alexander Gobozova was on the street after quarrel with daughter-in-law

Мама Александра Гобозова оказалась на улице после ссоры с невесткой Aliana Ustinenko quarreled with the mother-in-law. After that an elderly woman was forced to leave home and find shelter with his girlfriend. Despite the incident, Olga does not blame the son and his chosen bride.

      The former participant “Houses-2” Olga Gobozova quarreled with the daughter-in-law Allianoi. After a verbal altercation, the girl pointed to the elderly woman at the door. It is still scary and painful to remember what happened. Before Gobozova dropped everything to take care of little Robert and Rene Svetlana Ustinenko, who died in October of this year. For five months Olga did not depart from loved ones for a second. The woman recognizes that practically didn’t sleep. “Changing diapers, washing, cleaning – all done. When there was Svetlana, God rest her soul, Aliana was very worried – I comforted her as I could,” says Gobozova.

      On the street Olga was once Aliana gave her an ultimatum.

      “A week ago she and Sasha got in a huge fight, there was a scandal. Aliana stopped talking with Sasha and me at the same time. I became very sad – I somehow to blame? Suffered a couple of days, and then went to her room, she just at this moment praying. I gentle asked: “Alina, you are now in front of the icons, tell me, please, as the spirit – what have I done wrong? What did I do wrong?” To which she replied: “can’t live with you. Either you leave or I leave!” I figured where she was going with Robic, and even in the cold? Got dressed and went outside,” – said the elderly woman “StarHit”.

      After quarrel with daughter-in-law Gobozova have proschitalis a few hours on the street. Then she called her friend and mother of Marina Africanoboi. Tatyana has provided Olga Vasilievna everything you need. “Thanks to her, she took me in, I have lived her for five days, and then took the ticket to Lermontov and left,” says an elderly woman.

      However, despite what happened, Olga does not hold a grudge against the daughter-in-law and son. “I don’t blame Aliano for something that is not seen on her gratitude – maybe she is still too young, not too wise… But I would like to understand what is important in life – family, not “the House-2” and “Instagram” where she’s sitting. She is not to blame, not adapted to life – even Svetlana said not taught her daughter to life – gave skills cooking, cleaning, – did everything myself, didn’t Aliano in the process of the household. But need sometime to learn it! But Aliana doesn’t want to… I do not blame the son that he had not stood up for me. Sasha too loves the son and therefore cannot afford to destroy the family – knows that Aliana herself without it the baby will not raise” – shared Gobozova.

      Recall that the 68-year-old Olga left the “House-2” a party which she was for several years, in January of this year. About his plans to leave telestroke the woman spoke before, so this news was not a surprise for viewers. Gobozova was the adult participant of the popular project.