The court released a child killer Bobokulov

Суд освободил няню-убийцу Бобокулову In Moscow has passed session on the case of a native of Uzbekistan, a brutally oppresses the child in February of this year. Journalists report that Bobokulov will not serve time in prison. Instead, she was sent for compulsory treatment.

      Суд освободил няню-убийцу Бобокулову

      Media reported that Gulchehra Bobokulov released from criminal responsibility and sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment. This decision was made by the Khoroshevsky court of Moscow, having satisfied the petition of the state charge.

      Relatives of a nanny-killer bought the apartment, where the tragedy occurred

      A few days before the verdict, the accused exercised their right to have the last word. Bobokulov publicly repented before the parents of the murdered girl. She also admitted that unhealthy. “I’m sorry, Katya. I was seriously ill” – with these words, the criminal appealed to the mother of the deceased child, Catherine meshcheriakova.

      Recall that a brutal murder occurred in the capital in February. According to investigators, a native of Uzbekistan waited for Mesherjakova leave the apartment, and then murdered four-year-old child, committed arson of housing family and went outside. Passers-by witnessed a horrible scene for twenty minutes Bobokulov talking to herself and waving a severed child’s head, threatening police. Gulchehra said that wearing an explosive belt and reciting prayers. This continued until, until one of the law enforcement officers have rushed to the alleged terrorist, covering her with himself. However, the explosion did not happen.

      Examination found Bobokulov mentally ill. During one of the sessions in the case of the accused burst into tears and asked me to send her for treatment to Samarkand. As it turned out, the woman was formerly a mental health problem: at home it consisted on the account at the medical professional. The doctors gave Gulchehra the diagnosis of “acute schizophrenic disorder.” Usually, it manifests itself in delusional and hallucinatory disorders, patients also formed distorted thinking.

      The journalists were in touch with a friend of the family Mesherjakova who told me that Bobokulov showed no signs of dangerous illness. The woman worked as a nanny of the murdered girl several years. Her parents, Vladimir and Ekaterina, considered Gulchehra family member and called her just ghouls. A native of Uzbekistan received a decent salary and, as it seemed to friends of the couple, was sincerely attached to the child.