Representatives Gagarina explained the rumors about her pregnancy

Представители Гагариной разъяснили слухи о ее беременности Recently in the Internet appeared the information that the famous singer is expecting a second child. They caused great excitement among fans of the star: social media users began to congratulate Gagarin with the addition to the family. The press service of the celebrity gave an official comment on this topic.

      Recently in some mass media there was information that 29-year-old singer Polina Gagarina preparing for the replenishment of the family. Journalists reported that the actress allegedly is on the third month of pregnancy, and after the New year plans to gradually reduce the load. News about the interesting position of the star is widespread in the Network. Fans of the Gagarin congratulated her with a second child on social networks.

      Apparently, the singer was concerned about the widespread Internet rumors that she was pregnant. Recently in the account of Gagarin’s Instagram there was a comment from her representatives, decided to clarify the situation. According to them, Pauline feels good and set to productive work. In addition, the press service of the celebrity advised her fans to follow its official pages.

      “In connection with messages on pregnancy, Polina Gagarina, published recently in the media, present the official review of the management of the singer. Pauline continues working in the normal mode, in accordance with the planned and previously approved schedule. For reliable news related to the singer, we recommend you to refer only to official sources this website official accounts in social networks , as well as representatives Polina Gagarina, whose contacts are all listed resources. Such publications cause unnecessary excitement, causing discomfort and inconvenience. Thank you for your attention and hope for understanding from partners and media,” this post was posted to microblog celebrities.

      Gagarina fans wished the actress not to worry because of the increased media attention and wrote that he will always support her. “People just give me a reason to discuss. What’s the difference, Pauline is pregnant or not. It was her songs”, “Yes, I can write anything”, “well Done, immediately put a stop to all the rumors”, “time”, “Pauline, your son is so playful and charming, and his siblings are the same. Now they are born or later – this only applies to you and your family. Continue to delight us with their creativity,” commented on fans of the artist.