Многодетная мать Мария Погребняк сверкнула грудью Footballer’s wife accidentally showed their charms. Maria Pogrebnyak proves that giving birth to three children, you can remain the owner of the sexual forms. Luxury chest star calls her fans the envy and admiration at the same time.

      Maria Pogrebnyak is considered one of the most spectacular and successful wives of Russian players. Raising three sons, she successfully combines a career as a designer and model. 28-year-old Maria is in good physical shape and often demonstrates it to the followers of his microblog. In Instagram leggy beauties lots of photos, which give everyone the opportunity to make sure that the woman who gave birth to three children, may have the shape of 18-year-old girl.

      Mother of many children, Maria Pogrebnyak undressed in UAE

      And on the eve of mother having many children has published a photo so that her fans can all the details to explore the spectacular stars. In the picture Maria Pogrebnyak sealed, lying down, and her pink dress, slightly prospectuses, casually bare the delights of its owner. Selfie is very gentle, it exudes femininity, which is very richly endowed with Maria Pogrebnyak. For a good shot blond diva has received from fans a lot of compliments.

      “Beauty, of course, luxurious hair”, “Doll!”, What a beautiful!”, – admire the subscribers of the star.

      Surprisingly, giving birth to the boys every two years, the eldest son of Maria and Pavel Pogrebnyak, Artem nine years, middle-Paul, seven, Junior Alex five years – mother of many children in 28 years has a more toned figure than in 19. The secret of her slim silhouette – daily fitness classes and low-calorie food. “After three births it was hard to put in order the skin and muscles of the abdomen. I, like everyone else, believed that there are supertable for quick weight loss. All lies! Where I just ordered! Spent a lot of money, but the miracle did not happen and will not happen is advertising. Both sports and proper nutrition. We must refuse from flour, sweet, fatty”, — shared the Maria Pogrebnyak.

      By the way, for his subtilest the player’s wife is often criticized. Maria Pogrebnyak wears clothes son

      Some subscribers believe that the excessive thinness of Mary, and advises her to stop exhaust yourself diets. However, the beautiful fighting off attacks, a little offended that some consider her anorexic.

      “Yes, I know that in social networks people call me anorexic. But believe me, if I was anorexic, where I had so much energy, so much energy and good skin?”, says Maria Pogrebnyak.

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