Мужчина хоть куда: Джекман поймал себе обед

While some stars spend the summer lounging on the beaches, resting Jackman’s just like a man jumping off the rocks and fishing.

For the role of Wolverine once again proved that he is not lost in any situation can chop wood, and a lunch to catch with their hands. In today’s world, such skills are rare, so Jackman is not a man, but a dream!

If most of the stars prefer to spend summer vacation on the white beaches of the Maldives, Hugh’s not looking for easy ways. He and his friends went to mountain lake where swimming, jumping into water from cliffs, and lunch produces himself.

“First catch of the day,” wrote Jackman and shared a photo with a trout in his hands.

“Well, keep it up!” – immediately responded subscribers.

Video posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on Aug 3 2016 at 3:51 am PDT

The actor is known to prefer to stay active, loves to fish, surf, run, train in the gym and he’s no slouch in the home: able to chop firewood, to cook and even iron a shirt!

In General, it is safe to say that Jackman can handle any task. But because the creators of films about superheroes it’s time to think about… Well, how can you come up with stories about the adventures of Wolverine, when the real X-Men before my eyes?

Especially in our time, the man who knows everything – much more character in fiction than, say, a cross between a man with a porcupine.

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