Умер пластический хирург Жаклин Кеннеди и Тома Круза The day after the Olympic torch relay has died “Michelangelo of the scalpel” — Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. The world will never know a complete list of his customers, however, according to some, to have been approached by many celebrities — from Frank Sinatra and Jacqueline Kennedy and ending with Tom cruise and Naomi Campbell.

    At the age of 90 at his home in Rio de Janeiro died world-famous plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy. This happened a day after the Olympic torch relay, in which he participated. The cause of death of an elderly man a heart attack. Unlikely to ever be published a complete list of the customers of the legendary doctor because his services were often confidential. According to some, at different times it was called the Frank Sinatra, Jacqueline Kennedy, Ava Gardner, Naomi Campbell, Tom cruise, Sophia Loren, Jared Leto and Nicolas Sarkozy. Pitanguy do willingly was friends with many famous personalities, in particular, with Salvador Dali and Audrey Hepburn.

    For outstanding achievements in the surgery of Pitanguy was called the “Michelangelo of the scalpel”. It was he who turned his country into a center of youth and beauty, where people come for a Brazilian tummy from all over the world. Popular line of premium skin funds, named in honor of Pitanguy.

    In addition, the name of Pitanguy, known for over half a century, also named the largest in Brazil’s plastic surgery center, which is currently headed by the successor of Ivo Gisela. By the way, this place dozens of free surgeries to those affected in natural calamities, accidents and fires. Pitanguy believed that it was important to do charity work, so the surgeon is regularly sponsored a variety of projects and not left outside, when he saw the suffering of others.

    “Rest in peace, my dear friend. You had a heart of gold and you helped a lot of people from Brazil and other countries. You also inspired me with their positive energy. God bless you, and you’ll be in good hands, as good as once was yours. You were a true genius and inventor, with a mischievous nature and will forever remain in our hearts. My condolences to the family Pitanguy, I love you” — wrote in social networks supermodel Naomi Campbell.

    “Oh my God! He was one of the most unusual people I have ever met…”, “He helped poor people, people from non-privileged backgrounds, those who have no money,” he shared on Twitter writer Paolo Coelho.

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