Избранник Ларисы Копенкиной продемонстрировал ей настоящие чувства After her divorce from Prokhor Chaliapin businesswoman for a long time concealed the details of his personal life. Recently, however, uncovered the name of my beloved — his name is Ilya. A man regularly proves Kopenkina your love, giving her lavish gifts.

      60-year-old ex-wife of singer Prokhor Chaliapin recently boasted on Instagram” luxury gifts from the new chosen one. Apparently, Larisa Kopenkina and her lover all seriously. A businesswoman does not hide the joy on the evidence of love Ilya, whom she found already quite a long time — about a year.

      Ilya gave the lady of his heart cake with hearts, on which was written: “Lara, I’m oboronki”, “Moesha”, “24105600 seconds”, “LOVE” and “Thank you, I have you!”. In addition, he handed Larissa a beautiful bouquet of roses and a colorful bunch of balloons. And that’s not all. In proof of her love for Kopenkina Ilya posted in her office the word “love” in English letters soft pink color. Four years remained enraptured by the fantasy of the beloved. According to her, she felt as in a fairy tale.

      “The one who is able to surprise not a sore loser”, “Thank you. It’s so unusual, surprising and enchanting, I understand that you’re a storyteller, who not only writes stories, but also live in them. The cake is amazing and unreal!”, — shared a businesswoman in the social networks.

      Fans kopenkina glad for favourite heroine and wished her all the best. Many also noted that Larissa looks amazing. “Clever girl, always so positive, have to learn from you”, “Sunny woman”, “the Sea of happiness and the ocean of love”, “What is beautiful”, “God Give you good health”, “You are worthy tales,” “Yes, you have been together for almost a year, Bravo, Ilya!”, “Original Declaration of love”, “Let your whole life be as bright and beautiful as this surprise,” wrote the followers businesswoman in the comments to her photos. Some of them were intrigued by the personality of Elijah, and wished as soon as possible to see his face, because Larissa prefers not to show the beloved to his followers.

      It should be noted that the existence of Ilya fans of Larissa learned recently — only a month ago. Woman for a long time tried not to reveal details of his personal life, only limited to the General words, that she is doing well. However, in July four years revealed the name of the second half. “Ne’er was, and such would remain, but the Wizard appeared, I immediately changed,” commented Kopenkina gift in the form of two hearts, which she presented Ilya. Larissa Kopenkina: “I Have had a second child!”

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