Mother “Angarsk maniac”: “Maybe he was killed under pressure”

Мама «ангарского маньяка»: «Может, он убивал под давлением» A relative and could not believe that her son had committed more than 80 crimes. Mikhail Popkov was sentenced to life imprisonment in a colony of special regime. The family of the arrested person considers that the killings which he attributes to a consequence, have no relation to reality.

    Мама «ангарского маньяка»: «Может, он убивал под давлением»

    In early 2017, it became known that eks-the employee of militia (Approx. ed. so until 2010 he called the police) Mikhail Popkov, who was convicted in 2015 year for 22 murders of women, confessed in 59 of the crimes committed. The man known in the press as “Angarsk maniac”.

    It couldn’t find for about 20 years, since the investigation did not come to a standstill. When Popkov worked in the Ministry, he was able to personally go to the scene of the crimes committed himself, before the forensic and investigation team.

    In the broadcast Studio “live” the mother of Popkov Antonina. She told me that my son was athletic and well-mannered. From an early age she instilled in him a love of purity. Colleagues ex-the militiaman also noted that he was always neatly dressed and pressed. Despite the fact that the mother of the serial killer showed footage of Michael’s confession, she refused to believe it. The woman believes that her son was not capable of this.

    Мама «ангарского маньяка»: «Может, он убивал под давлением»“Maybe he was under pressure,” said Antonina Popkov.

    An elderly woman told me that I never noticed the son of any abnormalities. She hadn’t seen Michael for four years, from the time of his arrest.

    “When he was arrested, sent to me by the newspaper. I lied, whatever. Asked. That mother – “the drunk”, beat him, his head injury was. Once the investigation started with a lie. Someone gave the same information to local journalists,” said the mother.

    In parallel with the work of the police, the man was digging the graves in the cemetery, as in the early 90s didn’t have enough money. “It was a hard time. He came from the army, got married. He graduated from the police school”, – says Antonina Popkov.

    Мама «ангарского маньяка»: «Может, он убивал под давлением»

    According to various sources, the first crime he committed in 1992 and 1994. However, only in 1998 was an investigation under brutal murders. Former chief Popkov Andrey Shestopalov noted that Michael falls under suspicion.

    “One of the crimes the woman remembered that he showed the certificate of the police. And the name “Mike,” said former law enforcement officer.
    Мама «ангарского маньяка»: «Может, он убивал под давлением»

    Studio guests could not understand why so many years the rapist and killer was never caught. According to Shestopal, the investigators first went to his accomplice, who held the position of Colonel, However, now the second suspect is no longer alive: he was killed in 2005.

    Popkov himself called himself a “cleaner, which killed fallen women”. As said Shestopalov, very often before that he was tracking the fairer sex, which caught the car on the road and was drunk. Former colleagues said that two years before the first murder the wife of Michael cheated on him. “He began to take revenge on women,” said Andrew,

    Sister Elena Popkov told that her brother’s family had always been exemplary, so she didn’t believe all the information that was disseminated about him. “A word is not a fact,” said the relative.

    “I don’t understand why he confessed to the murders. Soon they will have 100,” said Antonina Popkov. Judging from the one video interview of Michael for the program “an Honest detective”, he did not suffer remorse for the killings.