Роман Третьяков оправдался за нападки на Ольгу Бузову Eks-the participant “Houses-2” I explained why in his humorous monologues include the name of ex-girlfriend. According to the budding comedian, he didn’t want to offend Olga. Tretyakov believes that His is part of his life.

      Роман Третьяков оправдался за нападки на Ольгу Бузову

      Tonight live on TNT kicks off a new season of Comedy show “Open MIC”. One of the participants in the broadcast will be the former boyfriend of Olga Buzova, Roman Tretyakov. The man masters the craft of stand-up comedian, and wants to get in one of the projects of the TV channel as a resident.

      In their jokes, the novel is not just remember the period of participation in the “House-2” Olga Buzova, whom he had met while living in the project. According to Tretyakov, he has failed to know the girl and understand what she’s like outside of the TV screen.

      “I, in principle, it is difficult to talk about this to Olga, do not forget that we developed the relationship in the eyes of the audience, however, to live with her outside the shooting perimeter, I failed,” admitted Roman.

      In the excerpt from the monologue of comic piece in which he talks about the popularity of Buzova, hinting that the girl is stupid. A former boyfriend of Olga Buzova tried to humiliate her in the air

      Many fans of the presenter felt that the former choice is too strongly expressed to her address and criticized his words on social networks. Tretyakov told reporters that he did not want to hurt her, but the joke is based on lies another idea.

      “I took this subject because Olga is a part of my life. People are definitely interested, we communicate or not, what has become of our relationship. As for the “not in the best light.” Joke is very precise on the wording, no insults, I appeal only generally accepted facts. The subject of the joke is the sense of men, when he sees his ex-girlfriend has achieved much more success than he. I laugh on that, that is on ourselves,” he justified a novel.

      The comedian is of the opinion that the entire career of Olga faced with more violence in his address. The events in the life of TV presenter watched by several million people. Buzova have a great sense of humor, so she tries not to pay attention on some barbed remarks.

      “I think she’s too emotional, but all perceive this differently, some think she’s stupid, and others that she is very naive and open (perhaps it is this quality that captivates the viewer),” – admitted in an interview with Tretyakov Woman.ru.