Экс-возлюбленную Алексея Воробьева затравили в Сети Diana “Dynamite” fighting off detractors. Loyal fans of Alexey Vorobyov can’t accept that their idol is suffering, and therefore decided to pounce on the girl with the allegations of cruelty to the man. They are asking why the singer did so with a loved one.

      Not long ago, musician and actor Alexei Vorobyov to learn the brutal truth – his girlfriend cheated on him. Now a man haunted by memories of a bygone love, which he tries to get rid of all ways. Despite the fact that the artist himself does not mention the name of the girl, his friend Max says is a member of the Duo “Dynamo” Diana. Alexey Vorobyov was accused of betraying the soloist of the popular group

      Concerned fans can’t accept the spiritual experiences of Alexey Vorobyov and found nothing better than to give her a real persecution on the Network.

      “Alex will find a kind, beautiful, fair girl”, “I don’t want this Alex. His eyes empty. In addition to the bright appearance nothing. Soon he will forget, God willing”, “Yes Diana, you did not expect! How could him to change, he is an eligible bachelor, you had the opportunity to create a family, and you took everything and destroyed. If you have not been in a serious relationship, you would not have lived to his house, he would not have stopped you flowers, gifts and flew dunno where to spend you at least a couple of hours. And took and ruined everything, Alex is worth more than your new one because it is more beautiful and much smarter! If you’re upset, sorry. Really did not expect this”, “Why Vorobiev did that?” – wrote outraged fans.

      Despite an avalanche of outrage from fans of the former hero of the show “the Bachelor,” the girl herself is in no hurry to engage in polemics with the haters. Diana makes it clear that it does not intend to discuss with everyone your personal life.

      “My favorite, please be smarter! And kinder. I don’t even want to talk about. I’m a very happy man! Believe me. I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! My conscience is clear, first of all, to herself! And my personal life concerns only me, the seals, don’t forget it” – addressed to all ill-wishers of the singer.

      Alexei Vorobyov hoped that ex-girlfriend reads his blog. He admitted that the publications in social networks are a kind of safety valve and a way of getting rid of memories. The artist shared with fans the latest news about the relationship with your ex-girlfriend.

      “We talked two hours ago. And after a couple of recrimination promised each other never again to write and not to call…The funny thing is that I will fulfill its promise, as always. But I already promised to be always near and love me in this life, and all the rest, as they were not. And those words sounded so true, that even Meryl Streep, with his three Oscars, I would not say better. I know that you read it. And I’m not kidding, just my night and I go to bed. I always wrote to you before bedtime. But today I promised never to do,” said Vorobyov.

      Currently she is enjoying a holiday in Thailand. Apparently, she’s having a great time, and next to her is the lead singer of the band MBAND Artem Pindyura. Some fans even suggested that between the young people began a passionate affair. The girl published a photo in which the singer holds her hand, and left an intriguing signature: “Zaya said to a disco not to go! Go against the system.”