Марина Зудина раскрыла правду о романах Павла Табакова Son of the famous actor and Director rarely shares details of his personal life, so the young man regularly attributed to different Hobbies. Mom aspiring artist Marina Zudina shed light on the many alleged girlfriends of the men.

      21-year-old Pavel Tabakov, the son of legendary actor, considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the Russian show-business. Apparently, the young man happily relations with 23-year-old artist Marusia St. Thomas. Lovers regularly share joint photos and give interviews in which to tell each other. It is worth noting that Paul has a reputation of a Heartbreaker: he had previously been spotted with different girls about the novels with which he preferred not to speak.

      Recently, mom boys Marina Zudina revealed the truth about the alleged numerous Hobbies son. Woman told that Paul has a negative perception of the increased attention to his personal life. Every time a young person goes out with a girl, he expects the materials in which to talk about his next “novel”. According to Suginoi, Tabakov many friends among the opposite sex. About romantic relationships in these cases and not talking.

      “Right now, cameras have become much more, but what’s there – just on the phone because you can remove. Once went with a friend – not a girl, and it was with a friend at the movies. And then everywhere printed photos, wrote many different: say, tobacco-the younger a girl, plus a bunch of guesses range from another affair to claim that the wedding is tomorrow. Son such attention was a pain… Paul was really easy to make friends with the opposite sex. Exactly friendly. Well aware of these relationships – the most male friends,” – said Marina Zudina.

      The woman also revealed that the paparazzi “spared” them with Oleg Tabakov. About the relationship of celebrities wrote not so much, perhaps due to the fact that twenty years ago were too few publications and journalists who wrote about the personal life of stars.

      Oleg Tabakov was first told about the reasons of rupture with his wife

      However, the cause for many rumors and speculation, the family of artists were able to give enough. So, once Marina Zudina was on tour with his good friend, the Director Alexander Marinum. They were talking in the hotel until five in the morning. “Perhaps the public would have made any definite conclusions. But I know how to make friends with men, to communicate over short distances without subtexts. And people who know me, believe me, in the course,” shared Zudina with the “Caravan of stories”.