Mother Anfisa Chekhova started talking about the unacceptable behavior of Guram Bablishvili

Мама Анфисы Чеховой заговорила о неприемлемом поведении Гурама Баблишвили A relative of the presenter are not surprised by the divorce. According to the woman, Anfisa Chekhova often quarreled with her husband, and son-in-law sometimes allowed himself to disappear for a few days. Natalia does not consider the disorder in the family daughter tragedy and I’m sure that she will find happiness
Мама Анфисы Чеховой заговорила о неприемлемом поведении Гурама Баблишвили

Anfisa Chekhova and Guram bablishvili broke up six months ago, but fans only found out about it last week. In the program “the Secret of the million” TV presenter told about the true causes of divorce. According to her, from the relationship just vanished passion, so the ex-wife decided to remain friends.

The guest of the program was mother Chekhova Natalia. The woman said that her divorce was not a surprise. Lovers often quarrel, that’s why the relationship ended in separation.

Ex-husband Anfisa Chekhova no longer hide the numerous infidelity

“I was ready for this news because it was not the first time. Before that was some movement in this direction, and I was very upset, and now was ready. They had a very difficult relationship when they were together… Not to torture pregnant woman – for example, to go away and not say a word, and this has happened,” said Natalia.
Мама Анфисы Чеховой заговорила о неприемлемом поведении Гурама Баблишвили

Chekhov rushed to defend the ex-husband. She stressed that Guram too highly of personal freedom, so sometimes he’d disappear for a few days. However, the TV presenter tried not to pay attention to it.

Now Anfisa and Guram spaivayut strong friendships. Natalia confirmed that her daughter continues to see my husband for the sake of their child.

“When Naomi introduced me to him, I said to her, “this men have to give birth”. Now we communicate well, I Guram send the photo of Solomon with the walk,” said the mother of the presenter.

In the program was affected and painful subject of relationship Anfisa Chekhova with her father. In the words of a young woman, dad never helped her financially. “While I was a kid, and I had nothing to take, he was silent. And then, when I already became a famous man, began to hear calls from him,” recalls the star.

Now Anfisa and her mom Natalia practically do not communicate with the former head of the family. After a series of controversial interviews of the father and of unpleasant words in the first round, Chekhov decided not to meet with a relative for some time.

“About my divorce, he did not know. I don’t think he’s interested,” said Anfisa.

Despite parting with her husband, the star is optimistic about the future. She is the beloved son of Solomon, for which she is ready to go at all.