Alexander Vasilyev revealed the truth about his relationship to alcohol

Александр Васильев раскрыл правду о своем отношении к алкоголю Revelation leading “Fashion sentence” surprised fans. Alexander Vasilyev took the time to correspond with fans in social networks. Fashion historian was very sincere and opened, hitting the user a response to a very personal question.
Александр Васильев раскрыл правду о своем отношении к алкоголю

TV presenter and fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev in his busy schedule finds time for a brief conversation with fans on social networks. Alexander rarely enters into a dialogue with followers of his microblog, and therefore each such conversation gives them a constant delight. On the eve of leading fashionable court made an unexpected confession, openly answering one of the fans to question about his attitude to alcohol.

Podistica, which did not even bother to place in the account of his picture, asked Alexander Vasiliev, as he often allows himself to drink. “Alexander, you and alcohol use?” – asked the presenter, a girl, named Oksana.

“Very rarely, in good company or in the occasion a little wine or champagne,” replied the admirer of Alexander Vasiliev.

The fact that people with million-strong army of fans, entered into correspondence with her, brought a fan of the fashion historian in delight. Obviously, she was willing to continue the dialogue.

“Alexander Vasilyev, God! I adore you! And you told me! That’s really something! And it is possible to grow insolent and ask: what do you prefer? White? Red? And what of champagne?” – posted by a fan that probably wants to make a gift to his idol.

However, this issue is Alexander Vasilyev is left unattended. Rather, he simply has no time for such a detailed and lengthy communication.

It is worth noting that they made a brilliant career, Alexander Vassiliev is one of the wealthiest men in Russia. His property is estimated, according to some, one and a half million euros. Alexander Vasiliev owns a house in Central France, Auvergne, house in Lithuania, apartments in Antalya, Moscow and Kaliningrad, the Curonian spit. In addition, the conditions of the life annuity he owns apartments in Paris that cost half a million euros.

In an interview with one of the channels Alexander recently told me that already made a will. Part of his property will belong to the Fund, which he directs. Mentioned in the document and goddaughter Vasiliev Martha Milovidova, who maintains warm relations with his famous godfather. Alexander Vasilyev first showed his daughter