Numerologist: “Katherine Spitz scares men his character”

Нумеролог: «Катерина Шпица отпугивает мужчин своим характером» The actress celebrates 32 anniversary. According to numerology, Katherine does not like conflict, always keeps himself in his hands. In five years she’ll be lucky, and the actress is waiting for career advancement and the birth of the second child.

Katherine Spitz today marks 32 years. Celebrity not married, and she grows 5-year-old son Hermann, from her marriage with actor and stuntman Konstantin Adayev. Until August 2015, the year Spitz met with producer Marius Weisberg, but before the wedding it never came. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the actress and made a prediction for its future.

“Catherine was born in “the Day of new ideas,” said Clara. Her life code 358 314 means that it is the bearer of a sign of artistry and a big dreamer. According to the character of Katherine diplomat, does not like conflict. Also celebrity has psychic ability to foresee events. For this reason, it is not so easily fooled, she knows the lies from the truth.

The girl is very lucky and endowed with remarkable intellectual abilities. It is interesting to not every person, it is for this reason that the stars don’t have many friends. But Katerina has a significant drawback – during the day she suffers with mood swings. Because of this, her character can manifest despotism that leads to quarrels with close – Spitz can rapidly respond to the families why they are offended.”

According to numerology, Katerina lazy, sometimes tired quickly. As explained to Clara that all of these character traits – due to lack of energy. The specialist will voyuet star to engage in energy practices such as yoga.

“To attract into your life a good man, she can’t show to your partner that she’s a great person. Katherine needs to learn, if not to be weak, at least pretend to be such. Ideally, the girl should behave with a strong floor like a hurt child, then hearts will carry her in his arms. If the star will be able to overcome nature, she would meet a decent man who will be her party for years to come. High probability to meet him in the next year, because this period is in her case a favourable change in his personal life,” – said Kuzenbaeva.

According to numerology, today in the life of Spitz starts white band, which runs to 38 years. Clara added that when the actress will turn 37, it waits for career advancement and the birth of another child.