Утренняя зарядка продлевает жизнь на 10 лет

French scientists have shown that people involved in sports are more likely to live to a ripe old age.

Everyone knows that proper exercise is good for health. So, prolongs life. But French scientists recently found that physical exercise increases the chances to live to a ripe old age by one third!

At the Congress, EuroPRevent 2016 a presentation was made on the relationship between physical exercise and life expectancy. It published the results of the study have also been encouraging.

David Chopin from the University of Saint-Etienne and his colleagues observed the health of thousands of elderly residents in France since 2001 and has studied the history of 100 thousand pensioners from other countries. The participants were divided into several groups in accordance with levels of physical activity. And it turned out that the higher it is, the less people die from heart disease, cancer and other health problems, manifested in old age.

“Regular exercise affect health more than any other types of therapies and medicines,” – said David Jupin, writes “RIA Novosti”.

According to the scientist, 10-20 minutes of charging a day is enough to reduce the likelihood of premature death by 22%. But the norm 150 minutes (aerobic exercises, this figure is less than 2 times) increase this figure to 35%!

So no need to spare the time to do even morning exercises. It will return to you with additional years of life.

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