Bras off! Flashmob against underwear now in Russia

Лифчики долой! Флешмоб против нижнего белья теперь и в России

Domestic girls supported the campaign of American Schoolgirls.

Finally, the network appeared standing flash mob spectacular. Girls all over the planet in unison stripped off their bras and threw them into the far corner of the mezzanine, defending their right to wear/not wearing underclothes and pleasing the male part of Internet users.

It all began with high school girls from USA Caitlin Yuvika. This 18-year-old sweetheart and received a reprimand from the Director of the school for that year appeared in Alma mater without a bra. The argument that this part of the wardrobe creates a nuisance, the school leader was not satisfied. At the remark the girl responded violently. She created a group on Facebook “No Bra No Problem” “No bra, no problem” – translated from English.), where appealed to women to support her right not to wear this underwear. Surprisingly, for a couple of weeks to the group Caitlin joined nearly 30 thousand officereality. In addition to words of encouragement and support the girls began to spread in the network photo in t-shirts and blouses with peep charms. And immediately joined the action in the crowd of men, puzzled the rights and freedoms of the weaker sex. They are also involved in the fight, zealously like illustrations of the unhappy ladies and their busts. A month after the start of the flashmob, it was joined by the Russians, they expressed their solidarity with the sisters in misfortune from America.

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Meanwhile Yuvik passed from words to business and has led to the native school of 300 pupils is entirely without bras. Decided, so to speak, bare chest to rush into the breach. But the Director continues to insist that such behavior “creates a problem”, and the girl without bra at the school “looks unacceptable.” I wonder how many Perseus he needs to see on the network to change their minds if they are already using hashtag #nobranoproblem few thousand?

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