Моника Беллучи покрасовалась пышной грудью в купальнике

54-year-old Italian actress and sex symbol Monica Bellucci graced the cover of the Italian glossy “Vanity Fair”.

Моника Беллучи покрасовалась пышной грудью в купальнике

Despite his age, Monica Bellucci still embodies the femininity and sexuality, from its appearance crazy men and women dream to be like an “icon”. Monica is inherent not only beauty, but a special grace, elegance (no wonder the actress for many years, is a Muse and has partnered with Dolce & Gabbana). And the ability to present itself it has not lost so far.

So, recently released a new edition of the glossy “Vanity Fair Italia”, the cover of which was decorated with Belluci. Photo left Frank and simultaneously very elegant. Her actress posing in a white swimsuit that accentuates all its advantages: a thin waist and curvy chest (it is very hard to miss). The look is completed with wet hair falling on his chest, and discreet makeup.

— In youth we see the world in black and white, we become conformists and victims all read us lectures, yet do not understand that for us it’s really important. Those who have no nostalgia for the past, no fear before the future. Beautiful Bellucci likes to change everything in life, even men — is listed in the caption to the picture.

The release also shared a video with all of your skins that adorned Belluci. The first photo session for Vanity Fair, the actress was back in 2003.

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Monica Bellucci è stata la prima copertina di Vanity Fair nel 2003 e da allora abbiamo l ritratta in moltissime occasioni, perché “la belle Bellucci” è sicuramente una delle attrici più iconiche di tutti i tempi. This year has been devoted A lei è una nuova cover, quella che trovate in edicola da oggi, in cui è più raggiante che mai: “Più passa il tempo, più sento che il meglio deve ancora arrivare” 💕

Does, polirani of Vanity Fair Italia (@vanityfairitalia) 21 Ser 2019 R. 1:17 PDT

— “la belle Bellucci” is definitely one of the most iconic Actresses of all time. Dedicated to her new cover, where she shines as never before: “the more time that passes, the more I feel that the best is yet to come”, signed video publishers.

Note that for fourteen years Bellucci was married to his colleague Vincent Cassel, whom she met in 1996 on the set of the film “the Apartment.” In 2013, the couple announced that they felt it right to divorce. In marriage, the celebrity appeared for two daughters, Leona and virgin. This Monica is credited with an affair with a younger by almost 20 years by the artist Nicolas Lefevre. Meanwhile, her ex-husband didn’t waste any time in April this year, the Kassel appeared Amazon – daughter of 22-year-old model Tina Kunaki, they got married last year.

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