Эшли Грэм показала правдивые фото во время беременности

World-renowned plus-size model Ashley Graham pokaze candid shots of the changes the female body during pregnancy. This girl once again proved that he is not afraid to be herself.

Ashley recently revealed the secret that she and her husband – Justin Irvine – waiting for the firstborn. Pregnancy does not become a hindrance for the model in promoting bodypositive and natural beauty of the female body. Graham has long been known that proves the truth of “healthy and beautiful can be not only a girl 90-60-90, and bodypositive is not a takeover of fast food, but about loving your body, maintaining it in that form which is comfortable for you.” Therefore, the model can easily post photos with a rounded belly, not only dressed in a tight dress, but without him.

Ashley Graham was never a problem to demonstrate the beauty of its forms in the photos, it would be easy to collections of underwear, and even created his own brand. Pregnancy nothing has changed, she not only continued to exercise (as evidenced by her video in Instagram), but is not afraid to flaunt his “new” body.

So, on her page there were pictures that could shock the fragile ladies. They close up captures of stretch and folds on the abdomen Ashley. It thus becomes the female body during pregnancy.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

same same but a little different

Does, polirani A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@ashleygraham) 18 Sir R. 2019 on 9:07 PDT

— Exactly the same, but with a few differences, — signed photo of plus-size model. In this way Graham emphasizes that one should not be ashamed of natural changes. Become pregnant, you will remain yourself, it’s still your body, just now he has the important mission of nurturing new life, the Creator of which is a woman. In the comments to the post, the opinions of the subscribers were divided: some people admire the courage and openness of the model, others believe that this photo is better than a no show.

After such a “provocative” photo of Ashley Graham posted the video, which is resting on the beach. The video shows how the model is in a black bikini, stroking his stomach. Apparently, the star is very like her present situation and the opinions of others is not so important in this happy period of life.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Naps are a new non-negotiable @lebarthelemy

Does, polirani A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@ashleygraham) 19 R. Ser 2019 8:01 am PDT

We will remind, about pregnancy Ashley Graham became known on August 14. On this day nine years ago, the model and her boyfriend Justin Irwin was married. Ashley and Justin met ten years ago in the Church, which the parishioners are. While the model tried out in different projects and even released her own line of lingerie for curvy ladies, her husband was developing himself as a cameraman and Director.

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