Роберт Де Ниро подал в суд на сотрудницу за просмотр сериалов в рабочее время

Loan company of the famous actor Robert De Niro accuses his former assistant chase Robinson in neglecting their duties and spending company money on personal needs.

Chase Robinson has worked with De Niro eleven years. Over the years she was able “to settle down” at work. There’s a woman watching soap operas, and ordered food at the expense of the company, and paid for with corporate money, restaurants, not to mention even flew through De Niro. Not bad, right? That’s just all it was illegal, and now the credit company “Canal Productions” Robert De Niro filed a lawsuit against chase in court. Now women are demanding compensation in the amount of $ 6 million (Kosmicheskaya amount, but maybe this lady has already managed to postpone the money that was taken in the company).

Over the years, “labor” employees repeatedly noticed that the woman could watch soap operas. In January, colleagues chase noted that for four days she reviewed 55 episodes of “Friends”, and in March a woman “served” 20 episodes of “arrested development” and 10 episodes of “Shits Creek”. And if you think it was part of her duties – no!

— Watch a show on Netflix in no way part of the duties and responsibilities Mrs. Robinson. According to available information, she did it for my own entertainment and fun, which is paid as a worker, says in the lawsuit of the company against the former assistant Robert De Niro.

Chase is also accused of the consumption of thousands of dollars of the company to purchases in stores and restaurants, paying your own taxi (even envious!). If you believe the company’s lawyers, the woman even enjoyed the bonus “miles” Robert De Niro for the sake of personal travel, which includes air travel. However, according to the authors of the lawsuit, at the office, chase appeared rarely, but even then there watching soap operas!

However, for his work, Robinson received a very handsome sum of $ 300,000 in 2019.

We will add that chase Robinson nacada to work for the company “Canal Productions” in 2008. She was appointed assistant Robert De Niro. Unknown career women walked up and s 2017, she began to work as Vice-President of the company relating to production and Finance. Her duties included monitoring the company’s budget, the flow of money. As you can see, chase knew exactly where needs to “flow” finances. Dismissed her in April of this year for “abuse of budget.” According to lawyers, then the woman even cared for his future place of work, by writing herself a letter of introduction, but Robert De Niro refused to sign it.

It should be noted that regarding the claim of Mrs. Robinson, while not publicly expressed, and did not comment on the situation to foreign media.

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