Mom Selena Gomez approved of her relationship with The Weeknd

Мама Селены Гомес одобрила ее отношения с The Weeknd

Last weekend at the Ball costume Institute Met Gala 2017. For Selena Gomez and singer Abel Tesfaye, better known under the pseudonym The Weeknd, the event was special, because then they first appeared officially as a couple. Selena and Abel was glowing with happiness on the red carpet. they did not hide their emotions and feelings towards each other, hugging and kissing. Young lovers attracted attention and it seemed that nobody around except the two of them, does not exist.

This impression from a couple at the Met Gala were not only attending the Met Gala, but your mom Selena.

On his page on the social network, it published a post that commented on the affair of his daughter and commented on how happy she is: “Shine and smile, seeing such a true and equal love. Mom’s happy, the whole” wrote Mandy.

Fan Gomez was touched by the words of her mother and suggested that such tender feelings towards the chosen one’s daughter Mandy is experiencing not just. Apparently, Abel reminds her of the father of Selena, the singer who not so long ago shared with their fans. Anyway, the main thing is the sincere feelings, everything else is trivia.