Melania trump refused to wear real fur

Мелания Трамп отказалась от нарядов из натурального меха

First lady of the United States of America Melania trump curtsied animal protection organizations and the abandoned clothes of natural fur. About this a few hours ago said the representative of the wife of Donald trump.

Earlier Melania loved to flaunt sable or mink coats, but now, in her wardrobe there is nothing of fur. How long ago did the change in taste and Outlook of Mrs. trump, not reported, but some time ago, actress Pamela Anderson has published on his page in the social network a letter of thanks for sent the coat of artificial fur brand “Only Me”.
“I thank You for sending me the coat of artificial fur brand Only Me, but also for the words of support. They inspire me and mean a lot. Together we can convince more women to stand up for their principles,” wrote Pamela.
Recall that Anderon long been a vegetarian and in favor of the protection of wildlife.