Former Manager Alanis Morissette sentenced to six years in prison

Бывший менеджер Аланис Морисетт осуждён на шесть лет тюрьмы

The former Manager of canadian singer Alanis Morissette, who fraudulently deprived her of millions of dollars, received six years in prison. Wednesday was court, which heard the case of Jonathan Schwartz, the Treasurer, who was accused of a series of offences, including forgery and tax evasion.

The man had a good reputation and served many famous people and not so. Only Alanis he stole more than $ 5 million, and 3.7 million from other two customers whose names are not called.
According to the Associated Press, about the machinations Schwartz committed in 2010-2014, became known after Alanis fired Jonathan and hired another person. He found huge gaps in the financial balance of a celebrity.
It was reported that the stolen funds Schwartz not only walk, but also put into your business associated with the plantations of marijuana.
For their dirty deeds 47-year-old man was sentenced to six years in prison.
“I’m the one guilty of what happened. The rest of my life I beg for forgiveness,” said Jonathan, taking the floor before the announcement of the verdict.