Mom Paris Hilton has claimed that Jennifer aniston is waiting for the girl

Мама Пэрис Хилтон заявила, что Дженнифер Энистон ждет девочку

Jennifer aniston this year deprive himself of the pleasure to walk the red carpet of the main cinema event – the ceremony of “Oscar”. The star of Comedy decided to come to the event after crossing the crowd of paparazzi and spectators, immediately going into the room Dolby theater and taking his place. despite the fact that outfit aniston journalists couldn’t see on the red carpet, the opportunity they were given when Jen took the stage to honor the memory of the past for 2016 filmmakers.

Attention to aniston drew of course, because she wore a dress that emphasized her most winning hand chest area, toned arms and shoulders and slim legs.

All secular observers were unanimous in the opinion that aniston looked stunning. Just thought of that and mother of Paris Hilton. However, the woman somehow thought it was connected with an important and very personal event: on his Twitter page, Hilton wrote that aniston is waiting for the girl.

“Jennifer aniston looks so beautiful that I’m telling you: she is expecting a girl. One hundred percent!”, — written by Katie and accompanied the tweet hearts, bouquets, happy smiles, and even clover. Of course, most likely the Hilton wanted to compliment Jennifer, but the effect was completely the opposite.

Netizens lashed out at Hilton with criticism, they say, it is inappropriate to write about what you don’t know, especially when for a woman (aniston), the question of motherhood as painful.

Soon Katie deleted the message. Whether it is worth to keep it?