Final trailer of the film “Kong: skull Island” during the day, gathered 2 million views

Финальный трейлер фильма «Конг: Остров черепа» за сутки собрал 2 млн. просмотров

The global release of the film “Kong: skull Island” will start on March 10. In anticipation of this event, the creators decided to present viewers with the final trailer below once again to advertise the film and persuade the audience to view it.

Whether because of an interesting story, whether because of the star names of the actors who perform the main roles, whether because of seffective, “Kong: skull Island” interested in a huge audience. During the day, the movie trailer had been viewed over two million times!

I will assume that the film will be very successful and invested in his creation of a $ 190 million pay back with a vengeance.

As you know, the story of king Kong is not original. The new film is a modern interpretation of the classic “king Kong” in 1933.

“In some ways we appeal to the version of 1933, in which this creature was bipedal and walked upright, unlike real gorillas moving on four legs. Our Kong is not just a giant gorilla or monkey at all. This is a completely separate species. He has his own proportions and possibilities, and therefore we can do with it what we please. On the one hand we commend to the version that was previously with another to create something completely new,” — said the Director of the Jordan Here-Roberts.

The main role in this film was played by Tom Hiddleston, brie Larson, Toby Kebbell, Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Reilly, John Goodman, Thomas Mann.