Joseph Kobzon together with colleagues in calling for a boycott of “Eurovision-2017”

Иосиф Кобзон солидарен с коллегами в призыве бойкотировать «Евровидение-2017»

The closer to the “Eurovision”, the more interesting proposals coming from the deputies of the state Duma, in particular, Vitaly Milonov. Milon wrote a letter to the General Director “the First channel” Konstantin Ernst, in which he said that Kyiv (and that’s where this year will take place “Eurovision”) holds a “blatant anti-Russian and Russophobic policy” because it called for a boycott of the song contest and not to send a representative of Russia and even to broadcast in the Russian Federation.

The participation of our artists in this competition is unacceptable in any form. Impossible to imagine that Soviet citizens in 1943 went on a conditional music contest “Rahoveanu”! We, unfortunately, in the current reality, are not welcome in the state, captured by the fanatics, who dream of destroying all the good that is between us and the Ukrainian people, – the Deputy writes. — I ask You, as one of the key leaders of the Russian organizing Committee of “Eurovision”, to make a very correct and appropriate decision to boycott the Kiev competition and not to participate there Russian artists. In addition, I also ask You not to make decisions on the broadcasting of “Eurovision”-2017 on Russian TV channels.” the appeal says Milonov.

Interestingly, the initiative of the Deputy was supported by Philip, who had loved this contest, but as you recently admitted, ceased to respect him: “For me it is in some sense ceased to exist. I am deeply disappointed with his politicization and partisanship. […]Is so obvious the bias and the settling of accounts with Russia, which I have absolutely no interest to deal with an organization that ignores my country, and so rude and so ugly. I suggest you reduce your interest in the competition until they bring order there. I would do nobody sent there this year!”

Today it became clear that solidarity with the working conditions and Iosif Kobzon. Remember, the actor, himself a native of Ukraine.

Here’s what he says about the future of competition: “I agree that we did not participate in “Eurovision”, not to give the opportunity to rusofobstvo in Ukraine.”

Do you think men are right in calling to ignore the “Eurovision-2017”?