Lisa Kudrow commented on the return of “Friends”

Лиза Кудроу прокомментировала возвращение «Друзей»

The final episode of “Friends” aired in may 2004. Then fans of the sitcom couldn’t believe that the story is about six friends from new York ended and required the authors continue.

But the creators of “Friends” were United in their decision not to shoot the sequel, and certainly not to do the film version of the series, as did, for example, the authors of “Sex in the city”.

It is worth saying that the talk about the continuation of the “Friends” even after 13 years, still continue, and the actors who performed the main roles from time to time have to respond to annoying and uncomfortable questions about the topic.

Recently, this fate is Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay in the TV series).

The actress said that in 2004, before the entire cast and crew really stood the question of the continuation of “Friends.” But then they couldn’t make a decision on it.

“If we then said that the sequel will indeed, and in consequence it is not removed, how would we then looked? The audience would be very disappointed. We would not meet expectations”, says Kudrow. Apparently, to decide on the continuation of the team could not because of ten years of working together they not only become family for each other, but also to be fed. Besides the creative ambitions of the actors has not been canceled – every one of them was on the crest of popularity and want him to go somewhere else in addition to “Friends.”

Now, when the caste of “Friends” all almost forgot, it would be logical to think again about the sequel of the series. But according to Lisa, this would be unlikely: “I don’t think it will happen. What could be the sequel? What story will we tell? What we all like in “Friends”, is that there the main characters a little older than 20, they are just beginning to live, build their careers, raise families. And now that we could see?”

Anyway, we, as desperate fans of the TV series “Friends”, hope to see the main six together. Even if it is a movie or mini-series.