The girl’s mother, the transsexual wrote a letter to Ivanka trump

Мать девочки-транссексуала написала письмо Иванке Трамп

One of the first decrees of the new President of the United States of America Donald trump was the abolition of the decree, according to which children, feeling belonging to the opposite sex could visit the toilet about his attitude. A Republican standing up for the old values, opposed these innovations, and now the children are visiting the toilet room, where determined to go to people of their gender. For those who are affected by the problem of gender discrepancies, it seems a step backwards. The mother of one of these girls (who was born a boy), wrote an open letter to his daughter, the current President of Donald trump Ivanka trump, which is addressed as the mother of the mother with the request to affect the decision and change it.

Isabel rose, it’s the name of the woman, told Ivanka in his letter that from an early age her child should experience the suffering associated with self-determination. Very early on her son was determined that actually feels like a girl. Now that Isabelle offers of Ivanka to put yourself in her shoes and understand what he is talking about a mother’s heart.
“Imagine that your eight-year-old child standing on a street corner waiting for the school bus. Her head proudly lifted up, pink bow flutters in the wind. At this moment you say to yourself: “Why so unfair life is, and my baby needs to live in such a cruel society. What will make my little Princess, if someone forces her to go to the bathroom with the boys? She just killed! They will mock her. It will be terrible”” wrote rose. She, like other parents of children who are transsexual, hopes that Ivanka, positioning itself as the defender of the rights of women and children, will affect the decision of Donald trump.