Mom Elina Kamiren bought her apartment for nine million

Мама Элины Камирен купила ей квартиру за девять миллионов The star of “House-2” is going to move to Sochi. The property is located close to the sea. At the moment there is a repair. The village where is located the club house, very quiet, and its territory is guarded by the FSB.
Мама Элины Камирен купила ей квартиру за девять миллионов

Mother, TV presenter and model Elina Kamiren Elena not so long ago became the owner of own real estate in Sochi. “Apartment located in the village near Olympus Park mom bought at the end of April, says Elina. – The place is gorgeous, from the sea 800 meters, and offers views of snow-capped mountains. Nice area – quiet, newsboy – what you need for a quiet life. Club house plan very beautiful stone, stucco. The apartment with its large terrace. Immediately began repairs, but it was delayed because because of the proximity to the Park, where the “Kinotavr”, the “Formula 1”, the “New wave”, during these events it is impossible the movement of heavy equipment required to transport materials. But we have a safe area, village guards, FSB, plus a very cool neighborhood.”

Мама Элины Камирен купила ей квартиру за девять миллионов

The restoration was completed just a month and mom Elina moving to Sochi permanently.

“This is her city, its climate, because she once lived in Odessa, and it is very similar to Sochi, even the mentality of the people there are all friendly, welcoming,” says Elina. While Elena lives in Moscow and helps daughter with granddaughter Sasha, where in December it will be three.

Elina Kamiren: “the Daughter immediately hugged his father”

“We gave up the nanny, so malyha now fully on me and my mother, says Elina. – Take her shooting, she likes. After moving to mom’s I’ll be a lot of time in Sochi and daughter go there in kindergarten, and I’ll dangle to the capital to shoot for their projects – “notes of the hunter” and others. Also plan to give Sasha some development groups, we just have to decide which, because she also sings and dances and sits on the string…”

Design project of apartment Elina and Elena helped to create a professional designer. Home will be decorated in the Provence style. At the moment vengeance is the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom. Bath star will be in the claw-foot bathtub. Furniture Elina didn’t book, but in the near future plans to go after him in Krasnodar.

“Rent-fully paid mom, I’m helping to do her repair, – confessed Elina. – The mother doesn’t want to stop there, and bought another apartment – in the centre of Sochi, over 9 million rubles. In it I shall live when I come South.”