Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz are back together

Бруклин Бэкхем и Хлоя Морец снова вместе

The relationship of the eldest son of David Beckham and Victoria, Mychem and actress, known for her role in the film “Kick-ass” Chloe grace Moretz began in 2014. They came together and parted, and after one such break the guys are back together. A young photographer officially confessed his love to his fans Chloe that responded positively to the actress.

Бруклин Бэкхем и Хлоя Морец снова вместе

Brooklyn published on his page in instagram photo, where black and white espadrilles is their feet. He signed the photo and a touching recognition “I am the happiest man on Earth”, which of course was addressed to his sweetheart. The post has gained more than 300 thousand likes, including guy’s mother and his madness brother Romeo. Reviews photos as well gained not a little, where the journalists of the Daily Mail noticed the review itself Chloe, “You complete me”, to which Brooklyn replied “I Love you to the moon and back”.

Before the official recognition on instagram a few times noticed on a walk in new York, and together at parties. Chloe confirmed their relationship by leaving a comment with a heart under one of the photos of Brooklyn. There he stands amid lockers of his College, in which the newly enrolled student and have moved from their parents. some fans believe that this Moretz photographed it.

Бруклин Бэкхем и Хлоя Морец снова вместе

“Brooklyn and Chloe came in together, and then Chloe is quite actively communicate with members of your party, telling them including them with the Brooklyn reunion. It is much more open in terms of their relationship. They are very good with each other. It was a pretty wild party, but they behaved quietly,” says an insider about their appearance at a party in Los Angeles.

Actress older man for a couple of years. They started Dating back in 2014 when Beckham was 15 years old, Moretz 17. A year relationship they broke up, and in between the owl broke out the flame of love in 2016, when they shared a summer vacation. Cause of problems in their relationship was the distance, because of which guys forever parted. Brooklyn lived with his parents in the UK and Moretz in America. But recently, Beckham Jr. went to College in new York, where it will be studying to be a photographer. He already has his portfolio, and the boy really like to do. As his girlfriend also lives there, he can spend lot of time with her.

Recall that prior rumors about the restoration of relationship with Moretz, Beckham was credited with relations with a singer, YouTube star Madison beer. The network also got a photo of them kissing, but the girl quickly denied the rumors. In an interview, she said that they’re just friends, but I can’t deny that the guy she like.