Мама Вороненкова объяснила, почему пропустила его свадьбу с Максаковой Lyudmila can not forget the dead man’s son. However, as it turned out, she had very problematic relations not only with Denis by Voronenkova, but Maria Maksakova. The mother of the former Deputy stopped him warmly to communicate.
Мама Вороненкова объяснила, почему пропустила его свадьбу с Максаковой

The former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov was murdered in Kiev in March 2017. The killer was released in the ex-MP a few bullets from a pistol. The ensuing firefight between the attackers and the security guard Boronenkov, both men were wounded and taken to hospital. The person who shot former MP, died. Then the widow of Deputy Maria Maksakova arrived on the scene, but due reigned in her emotions and lost consciousness.

Opera diva now lives in Ukraine with his son Ivan, born to Denis. She does not want to return to Russia, as it was well received in Kiev. Maksakova made friends with the first family Boronenkov, but with his previous wife and have not found a common language. The stumbling block was his inheritance.

Still many people can not believe in the death of the Deputy. Different people distributed version, which instead killed someone else, and he Boronenkov fled abroad. In the program “really” tried to figure out in this tangled affair by inviting his mother ex-MP in the Studio.

When cousin said that Denis was killed, she became ill. Lyudmila did not know much about the son’s life, including his actual income. It turned out that the woman had a tense relationship with Denis.

“I’m at the birth of a grandson did not go to the wedding too. I had my reasons. Hypertension I,” said the mother Boronenkov.
Мама Вороненкова объяснила, почему пропустила его свадьбу с Максаковой

She does not deny that she had a misunderstanding in a relationship with a son when he married Maksakova. Mother of slain ex-MP was unhappy, because he left another family, leaving two children. Lyudmila Nikolaevna and missed the funeral of his son.

Friends Boronenkov claim that he tried not to talk about parents. Mother of Dennis was upset with his son: he beat his first wife Svetlana. “He offended us. “My legs will not be here longer,” said he,” – says Lyudmila.

According to older women, Denis was helping her even after his departure to Ukraine: the son translated her on the map about 50 thousand rubles. Lyudmila claims that she is not so important legacy Boronenkov, whose total cost amounts to about $ 10 million. In particular, all concerned with two large apartments, the remaining Dennis fesheneble in the house.

At the end of transmission Lyudmila Nikolaevna has offered to exhume Boronenkov to stop the talk about his possible “resurrection”. The woman swore that my son wouldn’t go out with her and never called her.