Дело «Синергии»: Муж погибшей в ДТП беременной встретился с сестрой топ-менеджера Marina Isahanova apologized for his brother, who on June 18 was hit by two women. Family of deceased pregnant Natalia Lvova said that the relatives of Michael, who was driving, didn’t even try to get in touch with them. Now they want to seek just punishment of those responsible.
Дело «Синергии»: Муж погибшей в ДТП беременной встретился с сестрой топ-менеджера

Last week it became known about the accident, which injured two women – Natalia Lvova and Barbara Boyko. They stood in front of the crosswalk, when the car at high speed ran over them. Natalia was on the ninth month of pregnancy – unborn child died on the spot, and Barbara, an employee of RTR, is in the hospital.

A terrible accident occurred on 18 June, but the broad publicity this story has received in the end of the month when Lviv died. Detained a top Manager of “Synergy”, to death brought down on the sidewalk a pregnant woman

Husband of Natalia Eugene came to the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”, to talk about the tragedy. As it turned out, he had to look for witnesses of road accident and to seek the truth. The man explained why Michael was arrested immediately after the accident.

“When I was faced with this case, I learned that unborn child who died is disregarded. At that time his wife was still alive, the barbarian alive, too, the article is not meant arrest,” – said in Lviv.
Дело «Синергии»: Муж погибшей в ДТП беременной встретился с сестрой топ-менеджера

Eugene remembered how he met Natalia – this happened in 2009 year through the Dating site. Five years later, the lovers decided to get married. In July they were expecting their first child – a girl who wanted to call Diana. Now the husband of the deceased Natalia threw everything the couple from the apartment. After a while Eugene is planning to transfer all you bought for the baby in the baby house. He’s hurt from what loved ones did not.

Sitting behind the wheel of a car Michael Isahanov in videos made during a court hearing, said that he had a little driving experience.

“My car jumped the curb, hit a sign and women. I was driving 60 km/hour, not more. I’ve since 2015, only driving six months”, – said the accused in the accident.
Дело «Синергии»: Муж погибшей в ДТП беременной встретился с сестрой топ-менеджера

The Studio came the mother of the lost girl Lyudmila Lukasheva. She stated that the family of Michael has not tried to contact them to apologize. Sister Isahanova Marina appeared on the talk show to first place she brought condolences.

Дело «Синергии»: Муж погибшей в ДТП беременной встретился с сестрой топ-менеджера“The whole country took up arms against brother. On the one hand this is true. But the person now present as scum who don’t care about people’s lives – it’s not about my brother. He was involved in the charity, visited orphanages. We have a believing family, he went to the construction site of the temple, and talked with the priest. Because of the wild resonance imagine a disgusting scumbag. Can’t describe how creepy that is,” – said Marina.
Дело «Синергии»: Муж погибшей в ДТП беременной встретился с сестрой топ-менеджера

Lawyer Michael Isahanov said that in the accident, according to one version, was attended by another car. “He admitted his guilt partially. He was driving a car, and after contact he stopped listening to Michael,” said the lawyer.

However, in a telephone conversation alleged member of the accident said that he’s not involved in the incident. “The car is not damaged, the investigation received information that refute my involvement. During communication after the accident the odor of alcohol from him was not. I am sincerely sorry for what happened,” said the driver.

Another lawyer Isahanova Stanislav Maltsev said that Michael refused a medical examination on the blood levels of drugs.

Friend of the family Sahanovich Irina Petrova did not seek to justify it. She noted that it is in vain accused that he is major – according to her, he has no money to pay a lawyer. The protection granted him by the University.

“The whole family said not to have no contact with family or doctors. Misha didn’t hide – he lived in my apartment at the pills and drops. Near the entrance to his house was constantly on duty machine with young people, nobody knew who did it,” said Irina.