Сын Елены Яковлевой потерял друга Denis Stray reported about the tragedy that is now experiencing. The actress’s son has died favorite pet for the boy’s death the dog was a real blow.
Сын Елены Яковлевой потерял друга

Denis Crazy extraordinary young man. He has a lot of tattoos, guy is actively involved in sports, and demonstrates to the fans that he has a lot of, excellent physical shape, he even participated in the competition bodybuilders.

The famous Denis ‘ mother, actress Elena Yakovleva, repeatedly talked about his son. According to the people’s artist, an heir as a child dreamed of steel a veterinarian, he loves animals and their house has always been dogs and cats. Elena recalled in an interview that after a serious quarrel with her husband, decided to have a charming Spaniel, the animal is sick, all family members began to actively care for the puppy. Soon all the differences between the household were forgotten.

For this reason, the tragedy that happened at the actress’s son, injured him badly. Beloved dog of Dennis died, the young man could not restrain his tears.

“Goodbye my dear friend. I love you. Hug and kiss your Pets while you can. They deserve it more than you think”, – said Denis.
Сын Елены Яковлевой потерял друга

In March, fans learned that Denis was defined in the profession. Recall, for a long time son Yakovleva didn’t know what he wants to do in life. Fans of the actress were outraged by the fact that for 27 years the guy managed to get married, but I found a decent job. Then in defense, the guy stated that due to the large number of tattoos nearly all the chiefs refuse to take him on.

Despite the barrage of criticism, Denis finally found a place that allows him / her to support the family.

“The son got a job in the “School of Rosatom” for the position of teacher – told “StarHit” Elena. The probation period took place in a camp in the Penza region. One of the main requirements was knowledge of the English language, after all, have to communicate with people from different parts of the world. Denis is fluent in foreign, so it gladly accepted. Now teaches Teens to stay healthy, to do exercise. No wonder a few years was fascinated with bodybuilding. The company son joined quickly, on one evening, even danced with the guys, they’re on the same wavelength! He really liked the internship. Will soon go to work with children in other cities of Russia. I support the undertakings of the son,” admitted the actress.