Миранда Керр сдала полиции приобретенные нечестным путем драгоценности
Model lost diamonds for $ 8 million.

Box where Miranda Kerr kept their
the best jewels, noticeably empty. She had to return the police jewelry
for 8 million dollars. The fact that the model has received them as a gift
from the man who is now under investigation. And they were purchased on
the stolen money. This was reported by the website contactmusic.com.

As it turned out, Kerr chose voluntarily
to hand over the jewels, without waiting for official judgment,
which she learned was preparing. “Miss Kerr from the beginning actively
cooperating with the investigation, and she decided to return all gifts!” such
an official statement was made by a spokesman for the model.

For the first time that gave Miranda
diamonds man is a criminal, spoke at last year. We are talking about
a certain businessman Joe Lowe, who, as it turned out, was a member of the scheme
theft four and a half billion dollars from the budget of Malaysia.

Mr. Lowe began to give diamonds Miranda in
2014 – shortly after her divorce with Orlando bloom. Apparently, he
clearly hoped to earn, so its good graces. However, Kerr,
took gifts among which was a necklace that was worth almost 44 million
dollars, he refused… Now the question is, will not affect whether the whole story on relationships
Kerr with her spouse — billionaire Evan Spiegel, whom she recently married.