Лариса Вербицкая стала звездой мотослета
The TV presenter was riding the “iron horse”.

Larisa Verbitskaya

Larisa Verbitskaya forced the fans to worry about their health. The reason of unrest
fans picture, TV presenter published on the page in social
network. It Larissa posed sitting on motorcycle.

so different! — signed frame Verbitskaya. In good weather there on the lookout
platform of Sparrow hills you can feel the special spirit of those for whom the bike
it has its own philosophy, special meaning of life! A lot of them! Beautiful, strong, those with
wind to you, often risking and sometimes losing, still obsessed with his

“Why risk your life?” — immediately
began to ask subscribers microblog TV presenter, and For what?” In response to
comments like Larisa said that everyone can be absolutely quiet for
her health, because it is a motorcycle not able to control and never drove on the “iron
horse.” As for motolla, which visited Larissa — so she
decided to support his wife of Alexander Dudov, which many
various Hobbies, including motorcycling. By the way, others Hobbies Alexander is the manufacture
jewelry, the best of which he gives to his dear family: my beloved
my wife and daughter Inna.

For example, on the 30th anniversary of the marriage (the date popularly referred to as the pearl wedding)
the presenter received from the wife of a symbolic gift. “My husband gave me the ring made up for it
his own sketch, with 30 leaves, the number spent together
years — told 7days.ru Larissa. And on each leaf of the flower
five petals, and if you guess on Daisy — likes, dislikes, each
times will fall: he loves me!”