Айза Анохина получила от мужа подарок, о котором мечтала
The Instagram star has a new bike.

Svetlana Anokhina

Photo: Instagram

Anokhin, who lives in two countries, flying from Russia to Bali and back
received a gorgeous gift from her husband, after returning from Moscow in warmer climes. Dmitry
gave his beloved a brand new bike!

“I am very
wanted this bike. And favorite I had to give it to her, but in the presence of
it was, and once the topic is jammed, recalls ISA. — The kids and I flew to Moscow,
and somewhere deep down I was hurt that the bike I have. When
came back, I saw her standing there. Brand new!. On the shelf where always lie
our keys are two from Yamaha. Go to her husband, saying: “What is this bike?”, it
continues to do their own thing and not responding. Can’t stop me, and I like
always reach him with questions. To which he replied: “That’s your bike!”

It turns out that
he bought it 3 months ago! All this time we were in Moscow, he did not say
me about it! And he was waiting for me! Belenky! Beautiful! And my favorite! Dima the
the complex nature of all that I saw, but the best! It
really knows how to make surprises! And always hears me. By the way, this is the second
the bike that he gave me. Well, I bragged to you… my awesome husband!”