Сальма Хайек удивила равнодушием к своему внешнему виду
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Сальма Хайек удивила равнодушием к своему внешнему виду

Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek in the film “Beatrice for dinner”


you need to be very confident in themselves and their loved ones, reaching a 50-year-old
age, to cease to conceal themselves under the guise of professional makeup, dressing up in expensive outfits and shoes. Salma laughs: “you should have Seen
me in the morning!.. But offer me a magical tool in order to re
to become a 25-year-old, and I will stand firm and say no.”

sure: “The peak time for Actresses after 40. Once my close friend-Italian thought, why continue to work so hard
in spite of the age. Looked at each other and she suddenly said, “you know
why? Because it is not Kohl Botox! Not fond of injections! That work
non-stop: always look like real people.”

Anything can happen in the life of the actress. She had to break through in Hollywood, few would have predicted for her a brilliant career — with a Latin American accent. And how many mistakes she made in the search for true love. When found was faced with a betrayal of the elect… the Stress, the actress was worried at depth:
became interested in diving. “This is dangerous: often I am able to cross the line and get too
deep. But every time you return to
the surface is a completely different person” — says Salma. She now
continues to dive, but to relax.

On the 50th anniversary
friends gave the star… the script with a very unusual role. And, she took her
enthusiasm. And now, when the film “Beatrice’s for dinner” was released, about how she appeared to talk too much. After all, the actress was not afraid to appear in a completely
unusual way. From her to satisfy the essential beauty, super cool
attire, glitz, glamour. And suddenly… “you Know, for the first time in my life I was absolutely
don’t care how I look. A very comfortable condition, when you don’t have to think,
a side this time, I should seem beautiful. I was in a rush to play
the poor masseuse from Mexico, accidentally caught at the same table with their
rich clients and their senior friends. I turned into
real ugly — working form, almost Slippers, not a drop of makeup… Yes
even surrounded by hot Actresses in high heels! And I’m so

when Hayek’s perfectly happy in his personal life, she is in complete harmony in
the relationship with her beloved husband and they have a long-awaited daughter, the actress, in her words, no longer need anyone
stunning unearthly beauty. “I do not need to prove themselves or
to someone else. It’s a big relief…”

On slippery
the moments of your destiny, the difficult pursuit of happiness, mad with jealousy and the right look
so, how do you want Salma Hayek said in an interview with “7 Days”. Fully
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