Miranda Kerr spoke about the reaction of the son of his beloved Orlando bloom

Миранда Керр рассказала о реакции сына на возлюбленную Орландо Блума

The Harper’s Bazaar magazine January 27, organized a celebration, the purpose of which was to extol the beauty, in his opinion, the 150 most fashionable women. Of course, such event could not remain without attention of the stars of the fashion industry. Among the guests were Emily Ratzkowski, Hadi Klum, Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr and others.

Special attention in this evening turned on Miranda finally commented on the relationship her ex-lover Orlando bloom with Katy Perry.

“My son gets along with a friend of his father,” said Kerr, sitting at a table with other guests. On the question of how six-year-old Flynn (6) adopted Katie, the star noted that he had a large and understands everything, and they are one big family.

Miranda also said that she also considers herself part of the family of Orlando and that nothing can change: “We’re really a family. He’s like a brother to me. It’s very strange, but we really care about each other, and we have kept a warm relationship, so we were very lucky”.

Recall, the wedding of Miranda and Orlando took place in 2010. A year later the couple had a son Flynn. But unfortunately, family idyll ended in 2013 when the couple announced the breakup.

Two years ex-spouses needed to come down and try your luck with new choices. In the case of Kerr became Evan Spiegel, bloom – Katy Perry.