Кейт Бекинсейл сыграет богатую наследницу из 80-х

Werewolves and vampires “a different world” Kate beckinsale will soon change to something more enjoyable and girly. The actress is in talks about participating in the drama “Chocolate money” (The Chocolate Money) based on a novel by Ashley Prentice Norton. In addition, Kate applies for the main role, she is also one of the authors of the script along with Emma Forrest. Beckinsale also assumed production function. The Director of the film will be Adam Shankman (“the Losers”, “Premonition”).

There will be events happening in new York 80 years. The main character’s actions will be the eccentric heiress of a chocolate Empire Babs, Bollentin and her daughter Bettina, who is struggling to attract the attention of the mother. The main conflict is brewing between them, when Bettina falls in love with a married lover of his mother, and then in College meets his adult son.

Start filming is scheduled for spring 2017. When the premiere is not specified.

Previously 43-year-old Kate beckinsale boasted a gorgeous figure.