Fans Pelagia insulting ex-girlfriend of Ivan Telegin

Фанаты Пелагеи оскорбляют бывшую пассию Ивана Телегина

Fans of the popular Russian singer Pelageya lashed insults at former lover and the mother of an older child hockey player , Ivan Telegin, Evgeny Nour. The latter States that began to receive physical threats in the address, not to mention the constant insults from fans of pop stars. And this despite the fact that the victim in this situation, she was twice – this is because pregnant left her beloved man, which, moreover, does not participate in the life of her infant son Mark.

Фанаты Пелагеи оскорбляют бывшую пассию Ивана Телегина
“I’m very glad that came to light a new person. In fact, I try to stay away from their families – too hard for me all this was given. Although it is to be discharged does not work: and then get insults and even threats from fans Pelagia. They somehow believe that I had somehow offended” — said Eugene journalists.

As it became known, only recently she and Ivan were able to determine amounts due alimony, to which she with a small child can “more or less normal life”. Eugene plans to return to work as soon as mark grow up a little.
“Kept to be not going,” said Eugene.
Recall that when I first met Nour was already the wife of another man and even going to marry him, but Telegin was able to convince her and she left her date to the hockey player. Two and a half years, their relationship was considered perfect, and the wedding plans were prevented by the news of the pregnancy Eugene. Goal to marry a star of the hockey girls was not Ivan himself insisted on it. Child for both has been a long time, they have a name for him and planned how to teach a kid to play hockey. When Nour was in the ninth month of pregnancy Ivan met pelage, and everything turned on its head.
Recall that in early January, Pelagia gave birth to the hockey player’s daughter Taisiya. The couple were married last summer.