Actor Jonah hill lost a lot of weight

Актёр Джона Хилл сильно похудел

American actor Jonah hill was just unrecognizable. Popular actor was caught by paparazzi at the time of his arrival in Los Angeles. In a neat and pull up a young man they hardly recognized celebrity. But the year before it and the fat suit didn’t make sense.

As if showing off their achievements, John dropped his jacket and stepped out of the airport light, holding a cigarette in his hand. In 2015, fans were very concerned about his excess weight exceeding 140 kg, but now reporters are hardly recognized him.
As reported earlier this week, hill took the head and your weight in the past year. 2016 was the year of radical changes, including in a career – John made his debut as a Director. Congratulations artist with a new, healthier stage of his life.