Миллион подписей в поддержку Джигурды: кандидат в мэры отметил победу с оркестром Nikita Dzhigurda has collected a million signatures and filed documents for the post of mayor of Moscow. To attract maximum attention, the controversial actor sang and danced in front of an astonished crowd.

Than just not doing the 57-year-old Nikita Dzhigurda: played in movies, recorded songs, acted as presenter. More recently, 57-year-old showman species and has a mayor. He intends to participate in elections that will be held in Moscow on 9 September 2018.

To get the list of candidates, the Chair had to collect a million signatures, and he coped with this task. In Mosizberkom the artist is not alone but in company of a full orchestra. Under the sonorous melodies of the brass he talked about his political plans, and also sang and danced.

“More than a million Muscovites gave me their signatures. I am the only opposition candidate, who continues to struggle. If I don’t register, it will mean that the government is just scared of the main opposition leader. I have to say that after my victory in the elections we’ll have a carnival of love,” said the actor before entering Mosizberkom.
Миллион подписей в поддержку Джигурды: кандидат в мэры отметил победу с оркестром

Despite all the efforts of the artist, not all fans perceive his plans about running for mayor seriously. Most fans Dzhigurda and does believe that flirting with politics it is necessary to Nikita in order to gain even greater popularity.

But the showman himself is resolute. It was a program that, in his opinion, should make life easier for all Muscovites.

“A million people behind me and against the renovation. A million for that, to return to the Parking lot. As you know, I’m a competitor for dull leaders of the opposition, who cannot agree among themselves”, — said Dzhigurda.

Previously a member of MSGC Dmitry Reut reported that the actor can’t run for mayor because he has dual citizenship of Russia and Ukraine. In addition, the artist has a residence permit in France, it is the town where his wife Marina Anisina with children. By the way, it is not known how the skater relates to the desire of a spouse to participate in the presidential race.

Himself out of the chair, despite the warnings of the representatives MSGC not on the legitimacy of participation in elections, does not intend to retreat. The actor is going to continue to fight for the rights of voters who gave him their votes.